The Bees

That buzzing in your head may not mean you're going crazy, but it could look like it if someone were to observe you practicing it. Bhramari pranayama, also known as, The Bees, is a high-pitched hum you create by directing your vocal vibrations against the roof of your mouth and projecting the sound towards the top of your head. It's not always easy to execute, but when you get that buzz just right, something akin to a high-tension wire, then you are in perfect pitch.

Bhramari is said to clear your head. It's certainly fun to try. Although this may be best taught in person, we will try to explain it here for your listening (and laughing) pleasure. The laughing 'till you get it right, is an added bennie.

  • Sit comfortably as you would for any pranayama. We always like to recommend using a cushion for sitting practices even if you have healthy knees or open hips. Elevated sitting helps support healthy postural curves and allows for a greater degree of comfort for longer periods.
  • Take a deep regular or ujjayi inhalation and on the exhalation start a high-pitched humming sound and project your breath towards your upper palate until you run out of breath.
  • If it helps you to press the small cartilage flaps of your ears closed against the center of your ears to work more easily with pitching the sound from low to high, then try that method.
  • Practice several rounds at a time, then sit quietly and breathe. Continue additional rounds as long as you feel relaxed and clear.