From the White Lotus Kitchen

Blueberry Hill

 A Thrilling Dreamsicle Smoothie

Ok, don't shoot the messenger! But our Blueberry Hill smoothie is an ambrosia dream that will send you straight to nirvana. Just don't count the calories and you too can swoon in sweet bliss. This recipe delivers one of the most deliciously, smoothest smoothies ever. And the color therapy alone makes it worth the calories.

Why all the rant about calories, you ask? Because our recipe is made with Strauss organic vanilla ice cream, and is then served over another little scoop of partially melted ice cream too. Born of an accidental freezer defrost, who could blame us for a fit of creative innovation. Anyway, the anti-oxidant quotient will make up for your guilty pleasure.

Summertime is for dreaming and experiencing cool delights. Find your thrill on blueberry hill.

frozen blueberries--lots!
1/4 -1/3 carton vanilla ice cream (Strauss organic or a vanilla ice cream of your choice dairy or non-dairy)
1 scoop Vital Nutrients Plain Pro Whey (or plain protein powder of your choice)
1 small handful of almonds
1 Medjool date

Take ice cream out of freezer and let it begin to soften. Throw frozen blueberries into the blender. We love our old Vitamix, but any blender will do. Add ice cream and pulse on low for a few moments to begin breaking up the frozen blueberries. Add protein powder, almonds and one Medjool date blending first on low, then adding power little by little until all the ingredients are blended into a purple so deep you wanna dive in. Pour into a clear glass, close your eyes, and dream of blueberry hill.

For the dreamsicle version. Scoop semi-melted vanilla ice cream into a small, clear glass. Pour your  dreamsicle over the melty ice cream and marvel at the swirl as you spoon out deliciousness with your eyes wide open. You won't want to miss a visual bite, but we suppose you could savor with your eyes closed between bites for multiple trips to nirvana.