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A Back Sequence

To live comfortably in your body is an exceptional reason for doing yoga. There are lots of other good reasons that could be endlessly touted, but living as comfortably as possible in the body you have been born into is one of the best. It may just be a noble truth. Keeping your joints mobile is one of the aims of a yoga practice. Five cervical, twelve thoracic, and five lumbar plus the sacrum is a lot of back to cover and a hell of a lot of joints to keep healthy and happy.

Here is a White Lotus sequence that we hope will make your back happy and keep you mobile for a lifetime.

A Back Sequence

Sit comfortably, legs crossed, hips elevated (optional)
Sitting back arch with chin to chest:  5 breaths
Sitting twist R& L sides:  5 breaths per side
Sitting abdominal contraction with chin to chest:  5 breaths  focus on contraction on front of body, not pushing thru back of body
Walk hands forward:  5 breaths  keep arms shoulder width palms flat fingers spread and actively engaged
Sitting back arch-chin to chest:  5 breaths

Roll back down to floor knees bent feet on floor hands on thighs or to side to support use abdominals
Knees to chest:  5 breaths
Single leg to chest R&L:  5 breaths each side
Bent knee twist R&L:  5 breaths per side
Low bridge:  5 breaths  feet hip width heels forward of buttocks arms extended by body hands flat on floor
Knees to chest:  5 breaths
Bent knee twist  5 breaths
Knees to chest:  5 breaths
Feet greater than hip width heels out knees touching:  5 breaths
Savasana with blanket roll or bolster under knees