From the White Lotus Kitchen

Almond Cocoaccino


Treat yourself and others to this almost decadent drink. It's not your typical holiday nog. This elegant almond milk and cocoa delight is sure to take away any holiday blues and make you the host with the most. You can drink our almond cocoaccino without guilt knowing it is filled with delicious goodness, or take it up a notch serving it with chocolate shavings, chocolate covered coffee beans or ground espresso on top. You could even add a frangelico or chocolate liqueur drizzle over the top if you really want to get elaborate. Our drink is created as an on the rocks treat, but feel free to warm it up. We suggest serving it in a clear glass as part of the fun is watching the fusion evolve. A votre' sante--to your health!

almond milk (preferably fresh)
organic half and half (non-diary if you prefer)
cocoa powder (unsweetened)
maple syrup

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Pour halfway full with almond milk. GoodMylk has a great frozen almond milk that is as delicious as homemade. Steam a splash of half and half adding cocoa powder to your desired intensity. We like Scharffenberger unsweetened cocoa. Add a bit of maple syrup and froth until hot. Pour cocoa mixture to fill the glass the rest of the way. Add optional toppings if you choose. Voila! Almond Cocoaccino. Sip and sigh!