Thoughts from Ganga, plus a revisioning exercise and a musical meditation
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A State of Life that Calls for Another Way of Living

by Ganga White

We are all living in an extraordinary time, that seems to me like an episode of the Twilight Zone. There is the climate crisis, the political crisis in our country with an oxymoron leading us--if we can call it leading, we're having a depression, in all connotations of the word, the crisis of racial injustice, and of course, the simultaneous raging of a pandemic that knows no border or limit. These all combine together to create a time of deep reflection, questioning, and meditation on what we have created and what we are creating. It reminds me of the Hopi word and prediction, Koyanisquatsi, which has several meanings including "life out of balance" "a corrupted, disintegrating life" or "a state of life that calls for another way of living." It is as though the intelligence of the earth and life have put on the brakes and held up the mirror. This is the meditation that is our life.

ReEnvisioning History

An Exercise with Tracey Rich

As we look back on our nations history, let us also take the opportunity to look back on our own personal histories. We have all had lost loves, and had life opportunities not expressed or experienced. There are times when we have each made poor choices that sometimes cling like ghosts or are carried like invisible weights. Or, we have just plain wondered how we might be different had we chosen other options; if we had said yes, not no, or perhaps said nothing at all.

It is natural to ponder a road not taken or to imagine how our lives might have been affected if we chose differently or had other opportunities. Spending time in our imagination can lead to valuable insights and surprising, creative manifestations. Regrets though, like guilt, only serve when they initiate the possibility for change. Whether that change is compassion towards ourselves or others in learning to live with something we can not go back and literally change, or whether it is a call to action in the way you take care of yourself, your family, planet or community. Even if you are perfectly happy or content with your life as it is, there are always moments where we muse upon the "what if."

Imagine a time in your life where...

A Moment of Zen with Sven

A Musical Meditation to Soothe your Soul

Music, sound, and vibration are sacred within so many traditions. They are thought of by some as the beginning of everything. Whatever your thoughts, the Yoga of music, is a felt experience, a form of meditation. The notes in a beautiful piece of music can work like a tuning fork bringing us into harmony and attunement with the totality of everything.

We are happy to bring you A Moment of Zen with beloved White Lotus family member, Sven Holcomb, master of music with talents aplenty. Listen to the soulful sounds offered here as a gift to soothe your soul in these times that so often keep our nervous systems over amped. Tune in and listen as Sven speaks from his heart in a language we all understand and that speaks directly to our hearts.

Enjoy your meditative moment of zen.

Om Shanti

The Messy Truth

A VR experience from Van Jones and Elijah Allan-Blitz

We would like to acknowledge, with great appreciation, the work of longtime White Lotus Foundation friend and advisory board member, Elijah Allan-Blitz for his second Emmy nomination and work on behalf of the human family.

Elijah partnered with TV host and activist Van Jones in creating a series of Virtual Reality experiences that are being developed as learning tools for building empathy. As one socially conservative viewer said after experiencing Episode One on racial profiling, "it's one thing to be told about living in someone else's shoes and something completely different seeing through someone else's eyes."

Ganga and I were fortunate to be able to experience firsthand, the initial episode during beta testing starring actor, Winston Duke, from the film Black Panther. The VR experience puts you in the passenger's seat, in the body of a twelve year old African-American teen, as...