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From the numinous to the singular
From the spectrum to the speck
From the tarnished to the luminous
The onus is on us
--Ganga White 


The White Lotus Foundation, founded in 1968, is proud to be celebrating our 50th year of dedication to the development of total human being. This year marks our enduring love and commitment to the fullness that is Yoga. We would like to acknowledge all those who have been a part of the Foundation's evolution and history. To the staff, the teachers, the board members, the students and friends, and all those who have shared their wisdom and council over the years, we are most grateful.

We also express our appreciation to our founder and co-director, Ganga White, for his dedication to conscious exploration, meditation, inquiry, and spirituality. A man whose passion for well being has provided tools and inspiration for others, Ganga's insights have changed the face of Yoga over the past fifty years. His teachings and innovations, and his commitment to sharing continue to shape Yoga for new generations.

In memoriam, we would also like to recognize one of our founding board members, the late Tom DeSilva, who was a co-founder of Erewhon Natural Foods, still one of most beloved health food stores anywhere. Tom, like Ganga, was an early innovator in inspiring consciousness and well being. And to all those luminaries who have served, and given their generous time to our board and our advisory board, the Foundation gratefully acknowledges you.

In 1967 Ganga began the Center for Yoga in Los Angeles which set the model of what a Yoga center can be--- gathering place, community center, spiritual center. Our Santa Barbara Yoga retreat, which Ganga and Tracey began in 1983, is a place of sanctuary, learning, communion, and meditation. We have been blessed.

Ganga's creation of Flow Yoga in the 70's, a practice that integrates mindfulness, breathing, the beauty of fluid movement, and awareness of alignment has greatly influenced the modern wave of Yoga. Making Yoga accessible has been a hallmark of the White Lotus Foundation. The arc of Yoga practices created here are now a part of the worldwide yoga culture. From partner yoga and the accompanying text, Double Yoga, published in 1978, to our Total Yoga Series, one of the first Vinyasa practices on tape created in the 80's, we have strived to keep Yoga meaningful, real, interesting, joyful and available. Published in 2007, Ganga's book Yoga Beyond Belief, a beautiful classic work, is an influential text used all over the world.

White Lotus has been holding the light of Yoga as a tool of love, compassion, awareness, and awakening for half a century. We are proud of our place in the Yoga community and in yogic history. We are grateful to have had this longstanding relationship to evolving, nurturing, and sharing Yoga locally and globally, and through the thousands of yogis who have graced our portals and gone forward in their own right carrying the torch of Yoga. We are honored and we feel truly blessed.

Thank you for the opportunity to have touched your lives.

Om Shanti


As Yoga speaks to you, eventually there comes that deep desire to give back, to share that which has so inspired and transformed your life that what overflows from you, in your own unique way, can be used to ignite that spark in others. We teach because we care, because we are excited and inspired, because our desire to open the door for others is an innate wish and a natural inclination. We teach to learn more about ourselves and because we feel ourselves being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what we truly love.


Let Ganga, Tracey, Sven, and Kent, and all of the White Lotus staff take you on the journey to begin your mastery, gaining skills and receiving the tools to make teaching your life's artistry. We welcome you to join us on an unforgettable voyage of self-discovery where your knowledge may be challenged but your wisdom will be invoked. Come celebrate your love of Yoga, where in a collaborative environment your ability to "see" and to learn will deepen. Share an amazing sixteen days immersed in the meditation that is your life. We look forward to hosting those who have an excitement to explore, to laugh, to work in the positive pursuit of that which they love, refining their skills and unveiling the masterpiece to come. The White Lotus Yoga Teacher Training and Certification awaits you, June and October, 2018


Pranayama -- The Yoga of Sacred Breath Retreat
with Ganga White and Tracey Rich
February 16 - 18, 2018

A heart centered weekend workshop honoring breath. Asana, pranayama, meditation, magical meals, and more await you. Don't hold your breath any longer! This year's program is filling quickly. Please jump in soon if you hope to attend. Limited space remaining.

Restorative Yoga Training
with Phoebe Diftler
March 3 - 9, 2018

Learn to take care of yourself and your students with this enriching system of Restorative Yoga, an invaluable aspect to the wholeness of any Yoga practice. We invite you to join White Lotus and Phoebe for a week of nurturing, radiant well being. This program is open to yoga students, teachers, and anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a week of Restorative Yoga.


White Lotus has been honored once again by Newsweek and Sunset Magazine. We are part of the Newsweek Special Edition: Yoga 2018, and we are once again listed in Sunset Magazine's Top 10 Life Adventures. We are honored and most appreciative. Two great 50th Anniversary presents.

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