G on Habits, Plus, Making Change and One Happy Salad
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How to Get Rid of a Habit

by Ganga White

Recently Ganga and I were driving home from a short foray we made into town. We were speaking about ways in which we ingrain certain behaviors, some which serve and others that don't. After forty years, I really thought I had heard all of Ganga's witticisms and teaching stories. Not so! I don't ever recall hearing him share this bit of Venkatesa advice.


Four Focuses for Change

by Tracey Rich

Crises As Opportunity

It's hard to see crises as opportunity. Yet, the diamond emerges from the pressure exerted on coal. Hard times, limitations, even stress, can be the catalyst for creative solutions and transformation. I prefer the creativity that arises out of stillness, but we work with the environment we are actually in. "Loving what is", as Byron Katie teaches, is the facing of things as they truly are. This is the soil where insight can take route. This is where crises can lead to opportunity.

Manage Your Stress with One Breath

If you turn your attention to a single breath, you are on the cusp of possibility. One breath has the potential to change your stance. One breath can change your mind. An individual breath can derail your stress. A breath brings you into the perpetual now. One breath leads to another, and each conscious breath is the next breath in the infinite chain of breaths that are your life.


From the White Lotus Kitchen

Fiesta Salad

Seasons each bring their own blessings and expressions. As we round spring into summer, salad time is here again. This recipe is meant to inspire with color. So many different veggies blend to make one happy salad. Create your own version of our inspiration which you can dress with a classic French vinaigrette, or perhaps a vegan thousand island. Among the many vegetables in our salad, we use radicchio, an important, bitter leaf from the chicory family. We also use fresh dill in our dressing. We topped our mix with crispy tempeh, toasted sunflower seeds, and some smoky blue cheese crumbles.

As ever, From the White Lotus Kitchen, we do so hope to inspire you to eat well and eat healthy.