Warrior II, plus a new summer recipe and reading, and, our condolences
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Standing In a Relative Position

Virabhadrasana II

by Tracey Rich

Feeling vulnerable, or needing courage? Stand in Virabhadrasana II--the warrior position. Plenty of yoga teachers say things like that to their students. While asanas can serve as good metaphors and the warrior position can build strength and focus, I don't believe the asana works in a kind of literal translation. We are all standing in a relative position.

Warrior II is a great place to balance between two points. The asana teaches us to find the focus and concentration of looking in the direction the pose leads us, but also teaches us to be aware of the unseen--that which stands behind and is often ignored or unexplored. The pose requires us to stand firmly centered, and can teach us to become aware of our surroundings, and even, possibly, to hold opposing perspectives.

Starting at the feet, a strong, straight edge holds the weight of the back foot. This weight-bearing edge stands in constant relationship to the forward-facing heel and toe of the front foot. Lines of energy are simultaneously moving like electricity from foot to foot, all while the feet actively move in opposition to the floor. Vira II teaches us to balance the flow of upward and downward moving energy as we continually center ourselves in the pose.

"Sitting down" into the pose is a move that...

In Memoriam

An Unexpected Goodbye Between Brothers

Edgar Holcomb
1964 - 2021

It is with great sadness that White Lotus acknowledges another loss. Our beloved teacher, collaborator, and close friend, Sven Holcomb, has lost his brother, Edgar, whom he attended with great care over the past two months. Ganga and I have been fortunate to know Sven and Edgar and the Holcomb family for decades. Edgar and Sven's father, Ed Sr. served on the White Lotus Board for many years.

Sven has shared so many stories over our forty-plus years of friendship of how he and his brother had each other's backs. Also, tales of how growing up in the shadow of a strong and accomplished father taught the brothers...

From the White Lotus Kitchen

When Life Gives You Apricots, Make A Crumble

Strawberry Apricot Crumble

Stone fruit season is here. Celebrate by creating something simple with these delicious beauties. Our old apricot tree gave prolifically this year, so creativity was imperative. The crumble recipe we offer you here, like most of our White Lotus Kitchen recipes, is meant to simply inspire. Take the topping in any direction you choose, adding different nuts or seeds, coconut flakes, or consider using buckwheat instead of oats. You could combine stone fruits or add other berries to your personal recipe. Serving your crumble with coco whip, vanilla ice cream or gelato always works to top it off. This summer, super-delicious, yumble can be served hot or cold and eaten for breakfast or dessert.

Summer Reading

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

You probably already know this book. I heard about it last year, saw the author interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning, have seen enchanting illustrations from the book, and have read numerous priceless quotes. I have been promising to get it for myself and others since I first became aware of it. Time passes and so many good books go unread.

Fortuitously, I recently received a copy from a friend for my birthday. I was so...