New program coming next year! Plus Tracey on being wrong and BACON, coconut-style!
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New from Tracey Rich...

I Love to Be Wrong

Potentials for learning and self-reflection are everywhere. Daily I find myself being wrong, and the slant it brings to things allows me to change my mind. Perceiving something one particular way is the way we understand until something else brings a different light to the subject. Opportunities for being wrong abound.

Consciously or not, we form conclusions almost simultaneously to taking information in. We often have our answers before the question is finished being proposed. We function on conclusion, casting assumptions and projecting, hoping for certainty. The unknown is not our favorite place to operate from...certainly not our most comfortable.

The bath is my sublime place for meditation. At least, the meditation that includes...

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We're Cooking with Yoga
Yoga and the Art of Mindful Cooking

Oct 11th - 13th, 2019
w/ Sven Holcomb & Tamara Everett

Food fascinates us, frustrates us, sets our juices and emotions on fire. Food feeds our bellies and our souls. It nourishes and nurtures us and allows us to flourish. The same is true for Yoga. It is food for the soul.

In a weekend combining our love of both, please join us for this nourishing event. Asana, pranayama and meditation taught by Sven Holcomb will accompany and complement time learning to make beautiful plant-based delights with White Lotus chef, Tamara Everett. The two will balance your days with infinite pleasures all designed to support well being.


From the White Lotus Kitchen

Coconut Bacon

Every White Lotus weekend has its stand-outs in the kitchen. We get inundated with requests for Tamara's greatest hits. A recent favorite over this past summer has been Tamara's killer Cobb Salad, and the ingredient people have been going crazy for is the coconut bacon. We all know in this wild west of the plant-based phenomena there is almost nothing that coconut can not be turned into.

This simple recipe with its multi-flavor, sensory-nostalgic, just-plain-deliciousness will indeed rock your world. In addition, we think you will love coming up with dishes to add it to, if it lasts beyond making it from the baking tray directly into your mouth.

Stay Tuned For...

Preparing for the Final Asana
End of Life Law, Medicine, Policy and What Yoga Offers

January 24th-26, 2020
w/ Kathryn Tucker and Tracey Rich

The right of patients approaching end of life to make choices to ensure a dying process consistent with their preferences has been rapidly evolving in the U.S. A veteran of nearly every effort to protect and expand end of life choice in the U.S. for more than two decades, White Lotus graduate, Kathryn Tucker, nationally renowned attorney, advocate, law professor and yogini, will share insight on advocacy strategies, progress, challenges and predictions.

In the beautiful sanctuary of White Lotus, Kathryn, along with Tracey will share asana, breathwork, poetry and meditation, leading participants in a mindful journey to create a contemplative frame of mind from which we will explore our hopes for the final bit of our own journey and understand how to plan to make that hope a reality.

Please join us for an empowering and informative weekend meditating on the fullness of life. Celebrate your senses with the nourishment of beautiful food and kinship and the embrace of deep nature and wilderness wanderings for a satiated spirit. Come cultivate your creative vision for the final asana and find the tools to help navigate life's deepest passage for yourself and your loved ones.