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BLOGanga: The Swami and the Zen Master
An excerpt from Ganga's forthcoming book:

On a visit to Los Angeles, Swami Venketesa, one of my beloved teachers and mentors, asked me to take him to meet Zen master Roshi Sasaki.  I had met the Roshi, who later became Leonard Cohen's teacher, when he first arrived in Los Angeles in 1966.  Just getting attracted to eastern philosophy, I heard about these Zen gatherings, and went to sit with the Roshi.  The dimly lit room was filled with meditators sitting bolt upright, motionless like statues.  Every twenty or thirty minutes we would stand, quietly queue up, and take turns sitting before the sage.

On my first turn in front of him, I asked, "What do I do when I sit, Roshi?"

Annual Labor Day Weekend Retreat, Aug 31-Sept 3 with Tracey Rich and Ganga White

Join us for a final Summer send off weekend. Iccha, Kriya and Jnana, the triangular principals of Yoga practice will be invoked. Iccha is will or intent, Kriya is the act itself and Jnana is knowledge, wisdom or insight. But the real question is… Will you be here? Can you get your act together to get out of town? And, do you have the wisdom to treat yourself to one final fabulous Summer weekend of asana, pranayama, meditation, gourmet vegetarian food and fun? This popular annual holiday retreat fills quickly so please make your plans to attend now!

Upcoming 2018 Yoga Teacher Training, October 13-28

Still time to jump into the deep end with like minded community, yoga family, teachers and friends. Join us in living the practice. A week of sitting, pranayama, asana, council, meditation, satsang, vicharya. Step through the door to your deeper self.

Upcoming 2018 Yoga Teacher Training, October 13-28

Join with incredible people from around the globe in a powerful living and learning experience. Come celebrate your love of Yoga in a collaborative environment where your ability to practice and learn will deepen. Share an amazing sixteen days immersed in the meditation that is your life. We look forward to hosting those who have an excitement to explore, to laugh, to work in the positive pursuit of that which they love, refining their skills and unveiling the masterpiece to come. The White Lotus Yoga Teacher Training and Certification awaits you.