300-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification


White Lotus Foundation offers RYT 300 hour advanced certification to Yoga teachers already holding an RYT 200 registration from White Lotus or another qualified school. The additional 300 hours of training must be completed at the same institute--White Lotus. The required programs are listed below. There may be some flexibility or variance to the requirements in certain circumstances.

Graduates of other approved 200 hour trainings:  RYT 200 holders can take our White Lotus 16 Day Teacher Training, a portion of which which will count towards the additional 300 hour requirement. You will also need to complete our Deepening Your Practice (twice), Restorative Yoga, and Pranayama. Any additional requirement can be discussed on a person to person basis when you enroll. 

Participants In Their Own Words

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Tax Deductibility: Your Tuition may be tax-deductible. For More Information Click Here

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