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Be Kind

Learning How To Be All Over Again

by Tracey Rich

Everyday there are opportunities and reminders to be kind. Sometimes the reminder arrives after the opportunity has been missed. As humans we learn from mistakes. On any given day, there are numerous opportunities to be kind, and to learn from our mistakes.

We continue to experience large scale shifts, extremes, and in many ways, unprecedented times in our lifetime. Once again, these are opportunities to learn from the errors we as humans so often repeat. The simplicity of civility may be the brightest bridge to learning how to be all over again.

If we could start with...


Crossing the Omicron

by Ganga White

I have long advocated the "death meditation" but we have experienced so much of that, lately losing a number of friends and loved ones, and now also with the daily toll of Putin's war having its devastating effects. So while I am not ignoring the truth of what is, I have also currently chosen to put my focus on a "life and wellness meditation".

As Omicron wanes we are grateful, while understanding fully that change and mutation are ongoing aspects of the nature of biology and the universe, and that evolution progresses on change and error. Tracey and I are vaxed and boosted. We trust science and vetted information, and feel we are fortunate to have science professionals trained in navigating the study of viruses. Science is the study of the laws of the universe--but that doesn't mean scientists don't make mistakes. The difference between science and belief is that reasoned scientists only believe with evidence, and welcome being proven wrong.

We're fortunate to have a personal MD who keeps current on things. I take 3000 - 7000 units of D3 a day, and have my D3 levels tested regularly. BTW, D3 is erroneously called a vitamin when in fact it is an important hormone. Our hormone levels drop as we age and...


An Admired Humanitarian

José Andrés

Homeless populations are on the rise everywhere. Victims of disaster are in need worldwide. Many organizations address these issues, but one gentleman we admire and continue to be inspired by time and again, is chef José Andrés. Many people know him from his widely respected, creative, cutting-edge work in the culinary world. But, Mr. Andrés is through and through, and foremost, a humanitarian. If food or lack is present, he is there. We would like to highlight his organization, World Central Kitchen ( In times when feeling good can be difficult, supporting World Central Kitchen helps. Following the life and work of José Andrés is inspiring.


Step into the Balance

Virabadhrasana III

with Tracey

There's a big difference between hanging in the balance and stepping into the balance. Balancing postures are so often about the goal. Sticking the pose. Many yoga practitioners will do just about anything to achieve that asana, damnit!  When we see ourselves in that pursuit, it's almost comical.

Virabadhrasana III, or hero balance, is one of those asanas where all kinds of contortions come into play that leave people hanging. Some versions look like a crumpled can dangling on an overhead wire, while others appear as rigid stick figures looking like they've seen a ghost, grasping at some invisible entity in empty space. What was Ali G famous for saying back in the day? "Check yourself, before you wreck yourself."

The next time you prepare to approach this beautiful balancing pose, check yourself. Although teachers speak about...


Words That Still Ring True by Sting

Once again these beautiful and profound words by Sting have a haunting ring. We include them here for you along with a link to the song he just released accompanied by cellist, Ramiro Belgardt.

In Europe and America, there's a growing feeling of hysteria
Conditioned to respond to all the threats
In the rhetorical speeches of the Soviets
Mr. Krushchev said we will bury you
I don't subscribe to this point of view
It would be such an ignorant thing to do
If the Russian love their children too

How can I save my little boy from Oppenheimer's deadly toy
There is no monopoly of common sense
On either side of the political fence
We share the same biology
Regardless of ideology
Believe me when I say to you
I hope the Russians love their children too

There is no historical precedent
To put words in the mouth of the president
There's no such thing as a winnable war
It's a lie we don't believe anymore
Mr. Reagan says we will protect you
I don't subscribe to this point of view
Believe me when I say to you
I hope the Russians love their children too

We share the same biology
Regardless of ideology
What might save us me and you
Is that the Russians love their children too



From the White Lotus Kitchen

Poppy Seed Shortbread Cookies

with Tangerine Zest

The perfect shortbread cookie recipe is here. We chose poppy seeds and tangerine zest this time, but the basis of this shortbread lends itself to endless creative twists. Think rosemary pistachio with lemon zest. Or try hazelnut chocolate, or black and white sesame, or simply orange or lime zested shortbread. Once again, we give you the goods, and you take it from there.

In our recipe, we used Miyuoko's vegan butter, and made toasted almond flour to take the place of half of the regular flour. We also made our own powdered sugar from...