Interior Life, Partial-Inversion Tuesdays, Sven's Gift, Getting Baked...Tofu
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An Interior Life

by Tracey Rich

Much of current life centers around projecting oneself outward. Some may feel they do not exist if they don't see some aspect of themselves portrayed upon that exterior landscape. Enormous amounts of time are spent on our devices, be it through reading, watching, performing, communicating, or interacting. Passive or active, we mostly seem to dwell in outer space. Given so much of our time is funneled and channeled through managed portals, it can be hard to find a balance and even resist that gravitational pull.

It can actually be quite challenging to...


Life Upside Down

Partial Inversion Tuesdays

Perspective is everything. So why not turn things on their head regularly. Lifting yourself out of the way life normally flows can present things in a new light and with a fresh outlook. Turning yourself upside down may not cure the world's ills, but it can help rearrange your own world view.

One of the goals people present on their list of yoga desires and challenges, is to accomplish practicing a head or hand stand. It takes a considerable amount of upper body strength, balance, the ability to focus, and good proprioceptive awareness to approach these asanas in full. However, it is possible to...


Happy Valentines Day

Sven on Guitar
Feel the Love

More, more, more...Sven on guitar! Happy Valentines Day, Everyone. You can feel the love in this gift from the creator's hands and heart. Sven offers us an instrumental, intuitive flow he recently improvised for Pink Floyd's, Welcome to the Machine. Grateful to have a little cosmic meditation on tap, and so happy to share it with you here. Close your eyes, take a ride. Always leaves me wanting more.


From the White Lotus Kitchen

Shake and Baked Tofu

Shake up your notion of shrink wrapped, store bought, tamari drenched, baked tofu. In our current recipe, you can loosen up, get creative, and let your taste buds take the lead. We offer you some basic instincts to start your tofu marinade and encourage you to take off from there. Just as we try to inspire you to get in touch with your intuitive yoga practice, we want to offer you good foundational tools, and then help you learn to trust what evolves.

We like to start with an organic, firm style tofu. The marinade, which only takes a few minutes to create, doesn't need to sit and soak in. This dish can go right into the oven and be ready to eat in...