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False Certainty

From Ganga's forthcoming book, Psychedelic Yogi--A MultiDimensional Odyssey

It's easier to see problems in someone other than yourself. We all know people who knock on your door with their beliefs. They are very certain. They are living in their certainties, but when we look outside our own belief systems and worldviews, and look at some that differ, it starts opening our minds. The wise person starts asking, "How does this apply to me". Where do I have something similar that I'm stuck in and not aware of? I had a wise teacher who pointed out that "not knowing" is one of the highest states of consciousness. What we need is...

Tone Your Om

Sound and Breath Meditation with Sven

Once again, in our White Lotus Sound Meditation Series, we bring you Sven. Now, it's time to tone your OM. The universal sound that symbolizes the totality of everything and includes all sound, OM is a singular note that is often hard to hit. Made up of the sound vibrations ah, oo, and um, the tone resonates the lower, middle and higher frequencies, coming together to harmonize and center.

We are happy to offer you this sonic and breath meditation. Please join White Lotus and Sven in a moment of peace and personal harmony in hopes that we can help soothe your day, give you a chance to tone your OM, and put some good vibrations into the world.

Master of Chess, Winner of None

by Tracey Rich

The water is running. Hot. Steamy. My thoughts are drifting and my mind begins to amble free, but still tethered to my soul. I realize I am wandering in my head through the cosmic chess match we are in as human beings.

This past year saw the world obsessed over the Queen's Gambit. Rightfully so; it was an incredible piece of film work that I too, loved. The kind that makes you wish every cinema endeavor was a piece of art, and you're sad when it's over. The series sparked such a passion that chess sets flew off the shelves and may still be hard to obtain. I don't play chess, but was inclined for an instant. Ganga knows the moves and once beat Marcel Marceau while we were staying at his home outside of Paris. Chess requires strategic thought. I require mind walks in bathtubs.

I am struck by the realization that we must move off the chess board. Something is terribly out of kilter when people are...

Simply Sambar

A Delicious Winter Red Lentil Soup

I first learned to make a sambar from a lovely mother and daughter from Mysore, India who spoke little to no English at the time. They were visiting my home and a group of us gathered in our kitchen to take a cooking class. It was a wonderful exchange to communicate through the preparation of foods and spices both familiar and unusual to us, and to feel the free flow of our shared language in the love of cooking.

I have learned numerous ways to make sambar since that time. Given that I love to experiment and go with the flow when I cook, one day's sambar could take on a slightly different flavor profile from the next. That's the beauty of this lentil vegetable soup. It can stand up to a lot of interpretations.

If you like a thick, creamy, really nourishing soup, I think you will love this most current recipe. But, also feel free to experiment and shift the flavor in your favorite direction. I am leaving the amount of spicing free flow, so you will want to put your intuitive chef's hat on.