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Excerpt from Ganga's spring release book

Psychedelic Yogi--A MultiDimensional Odyssey

As we floated down the jungle river hanging in hammocks, the Amazon reflected the night as lightning bugs lit the sky opening mysteries of the cosmos, revealing beatific sights in holographic worlds of light, intricacy, and geometric, oscillating wonder. We were drifting in and beholding the matrix of life. We floated into a void of darkness that took shape and form, turning into corridors of color, opening into the field of dreams. “All my relations,” the sweat lodge prayer of Native Americans, took on new meaning as each of the relationships in our life paraded before our eyes viewed with the lens of insight from the sacred vine.

--Ganga journal entry, Amazon River, fall 1991

The H-Word

by Tracey Rich

No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. -- Nelson Mandela

I have been thinking about the H-word for a long time now. This strong emotion seems to have become part of a steady diet for some, and for others the bad taste of bile rising up in the mouth. It seems to be the verb of choice for many. It has become the catchall word expressed too often, the easy go-to word to convey so many other feelings and emotions like confusion, fear, frustration, angst, anxiousness.

Whenever I would express strong distaste for something using the word hate to describe my feelings, my mother would say to me, "we don't hate." And I am grateful that her words echo in my heart and mind. What a beautiful, resonant reminder to reflect and better articulate my strong emotional response, to follow my feelings to their source to better understand and express myself, and likewise take a moment to choose.

It is easy to dislike so many things in this moment and to have extremely strong emotions. Sometimes saying you hate something is your desire to...


with Tracey and Sven

We invite you to relax and take a few moments to enjoy the practice of savasana with us. Sven has provided a beautiful, musical backdrop for a guided final relaxation from Tracey. You can add this ultimate asana to the end of your home practice and let us lead you into deep relaxation, or simply use this recording on its own any moment that calls for time out.

From our asana room to yours with blessings for well being.

From the White Lotus Kitchen

Morning Matcha Latte

Simple. Delicious. A little matcha goes a long way to warming and changing up your morning fix. Mix it with your favorite spice and whip together with whatever milk you desire. Your day is set with a healthy dose of l-theanine to promote good brain cognition. I love the Daily matcha from Mizuba Tea Company.

In this recipe, I use cinnamon--good for lowering blood sugar, and oat milk with barely a splash of maple syrup. The l-theanine, an analogue of the amino acid l-glutamine, gives matcha that umami-savory flavor that makes green tea so distinctive.

This cup of green energy is the perfect balance of savory and sweet and I love how it changes up my usual morning routine of coffee or black tea.