Dear White Lotus Community...
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  Dear White Lotus Community,

Responding to a text from a friend in the midst of all this mayhem, I was making a comment about the mournful state of our country, the United States of America, being a tinder box. You can swear you typed what you meant to say, even see it written and spelled correctly with your own eyes. You hit send, and if you never look back or get a strange response that requires you to review your sometimes unintentionally lewd, rude, or ridiculous message, you go on. Siri and auto-correct take liberties which usually piss me off and sometimes make me laugh out loud. This time it offered a satori. The change of spelling from my intended tinder to tender sent me straight to the heart.

Who has not spent the last week weeping, sickened, sad, angry and in despair? The level of exhaustion in our hearts, the heaviness bearing down, the absolutely fragile state of balance tipping over, the anger which physically pushes movement, are all taking their tolls. We are a nation mourning, scared, grieving. We are in a tender box, waiting to ignite deep, fundamental shifts to right ourselves into a better balance. So tender are we, so vulnerable, so wounded historically and currently. We are making war on ourselves and with ourselves. Naturally injustice creates outrage--rage moving out. But in justice, we must learn how to transform. This is our human calling to be met.

Please, let your anger transform into pain and let pain express into the sadness and grief that lies beneath, so it may begin to heal. There is a natural process of healing that is possible to the organism--individually and collectively. Let us find satori. Let us find new pathways to peace. Let us be surprised by our humanity. We all live in this tender place, where truly underneath it all, we are human.

May the kindling of injustice, fear and hate transform and fuel what is truly tender in us. Sometimes even in a typo there is the possibility of awakening. There is a satori.

with love,

Tracey and The Lotus

Satori: [ sa·​to·​ri ] a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening, "comprehension; understanding".

PS. Please stay safe on all fronts. The pandemic too, is still very real.