Gratitude for a Funeral, plus an offering from Meditation is Your Life, and an invitation to respond
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Gratitude for a Funeral

by Tracey Rich

We buried my mother this past July, just eight of us standing under a tent in the early morning, steamy, southern rain. There were tears and hugs. We said prayers and lifted heavy shovels of fresh dirt, two at a time, upon opposite ends of Mom's simple, pine casket that had been laid in the earth. The sense of holding the weight of that shovel still remains in my arms, as does the feeling of communion in passing the shovel to my next of kin, patiently waiting their turn.

When we left the cemetery, we tiptoed around the graves of our ancestors and community members so our heels didn't get stuck in the soggy ground, tears mingling with the rain. It was hard to leave the comfort of that familiar place where our father and grandparents lay, now accompanied by the woman they had all loved so dearly.

I miss my mother every, single day.

When I look at the daily headlines of the losses from the virus, each number representing a human being, I am...

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Meditation is Your Life

by Ganga White from Yoga Beyond Belief

Meditation and spirituality can be simple and natural, or made into complex forms of mental contortion and inner battle that supposedly take years of effort to master. What is one to do instead? Be quiet, sit, and breathe in a place of beauty or with the simplicity of a candle flame.

Sit under the stars with a quiet mind and no goal. Be attentive to all things in life. Honor yourself. Laugh at yourself. Listen to the voice of your own body. Carry joy and light on your path. Listen to the wise, but always question. Truth and love are simple and ever present.

Please enjoy this short audio offering from Meditation is Your Life: