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Obituary for a Seer

by Ganga White

Quietly observing, a young man began to see into mysteries of life and death.
After some years he commenced to express the vision in stark and startling, poetic clarity.
Busy streets, trees, flowing waters, cities, and starlit nights became doorways to insight.

Like the wind and waters he flowed around the earth,
rarely stopping for more than some weeks in each place.
The words so resonated with listeners they came by thousands wherever he spoke.  
He awakened them to...


From the White Lotus Kitchen

Tamara's Crispy Chickpeas

There should be an ode to the wonders of the great garbanzo bean. A chickpea by any other name could never be so versatile. For starters, White Lotus chef, Tamara Everett, works wonders with the many variations of chickpea hummus she makes when serving fabulous Mediterranean menus at the Center. I could happily count the ways; lemon artichoke being amongst my favorites.

This oh so simple, crispy chickpea recipe that Tamara is sharing with us, turns the small, but mighty bean into a crunchy, killer snack that also serves to enliven any number of dishes. She also adds...

Coming Right Up...

Sacred Breath-Pranayama Weekend

February 14th - 16th, 2020
w/ Ganga White and Tracey Rich

We invite you to join us for our annual Sacred Breath-Pranayama Retreat in a heart centered weekend honoring breath. Rejuvenate yourself in our meditative White Lotus sanctuary with a weekend of asana and focused pranayama designed to either help you begin, or deepen your understanding of this beautiful breath practice. Enjoy legendary plant-based meals and massage as you invigorate your life force. Please be our guest February 14-16, 2020 at our exquisite retreat heaven.


Restorative Yoga Training

March 7 - 13, 2020
with Phoebe Diftler

Join White Lotus and Phoebe Diftler for a week of nurturing, radiant well being. Learn to take care of yourself and your students with this enriching system. Restorative Yoga adds an invaluable aspect to the wholeness of any Yoga practice.

This training will provide the tools and understanding to address your own well being and the skill sets to enrich your teaching. The program is open to yoga students, teachers, and anyone wanting to deeply relax, restore, and reset the underlying rhythms of the body-mind continuum.

Sample topics include:

  • How to construct a Restorative Yoga class Anatomy
  • Understanding the parasympathetic system and the art of deeper restoration
  • Adjustments
  • Use of props: blankets, bolsters, blocks, etc.
  • Restorative vinyasa
  • Restorative wall classes
  • Sequences for lower back, thoracic spine, stress, rejuvenation
  • Adding breathing, meditation, and energy work into your Restorative practice

Immerse yourself in a week of Restorative Yoga.

Stay tuned...

Thai Yoga Weekend

with Phoebe Diftler
April 24 - 26, 2020

White Lotus and the artful Phoebe Diftler invite you to join them for a nurturing and transformational weekend. Rock your mind into that gentle lull of pampered perfection as you have your body rolled into luxurious shapes of yogic bliss. Learn to give or simply enjoy receiving Thai Massage, the beautiful and complementary sister art of Yoga. Asana classes, exquisite plant-based vegetarian meals, meditation, and plenty of R&R await you.