Plus: On Death, We've Gone Nuts, and more
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every atom as belonging to me as good belongs to you
--Walt Whitman


Dear Friends of White Lotus,

What unites us as human beings? We all have feelings, fears, desires for well being and the desire for having our basic needs met. We may differ in our creative gifts and expressions, and in our origins, but that is the beauty of diversity.

Let 2020 find us celebrating life--good health, well-being, vitality. Let the new year inspire, bring clarity and a sense of purpose, and the ability to discern truth.

May your individual gifts be expressed fully, and may empathy and compassion guide your days.

May your Yoga be a way of life.

Om Shanti

Tracey, Ganga, and the White Lotus family


Sacred Breath-Pranayama Weekend

February 14th - 16th, 2020
w/ Ganga White and Tracey Rich

We invite you to join us for our annual Sacred Breath-Pranayama Retreat in a heart centered weekend honoring breath. Yogis have practiced and perfected the science of Pranayama for centuries. Breathing is the basis of life, yet rarely are we taught to breathe correctly.

Rejuvenate yourself in our meditative White Lotus sanctuary with a weekend of asana and focused pranayama designed to either help you begin or deepen your understanding of this beautiful breath practice. Asana classes will support pranayama and pranayama will be made accessible to all. Enjoy legendary plant-based meals and massage as you invigorate your life force.

A few sample topics:

  • How to fully utilize your respiratory system
  • Bandhas and breath
  • Breathing to balance energy
  • Pranayama for health, spiritual development, and psychic sensitivity
  • How breath effects and balances the emotional body
  • Breath and meditation

Please be our guest February 14-16, 2020 at our exquisite retreat heaven.


Being Awkward and Authentic in the Face of Death

by Tracey Rich

Sitting at the bedside of my ninety-one year old mother in the last days of her life and wanting desperately to crawl into her arms, or wrap myself around her tiny frame, I tried to hold the empty space that would allow for her dying to be hers--to watch and to wait and to attend to whatever needs might make themselves apparent. The language of death was not one I spoke fluently, although I was witness for my father's passing eleven years earlier.

Already having spoken every word and expressed every thought out loud and silently, I was grateful that my mother and I had always been current in our relationship. The question of love had been settled long ago. Anything I did say was repetition. And yet, a vigil is filled with so much self-reflection that empty space can be an awkward chasm too wide to cross. The living can not tread everywhere the dying must go.

No matter how we think we know ourselves...


From the White Lotus Kitchen

Five Tastes Nut Mix

When the craving for nuts strikes, here's a special, easy-to- make, grown-up mix you can serve with drinks or simply eat on the run for a needed protein hit. This nutty mélange is fabulous with apps and pairs beautifully with Castelvetrano olives and a cave-aged vegan Blue, or a sheep's milk, six-month Manchego.

These delicious, sophisticated nuggets hit all the right notes. What a great way to...

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Preparing for the Final Asana

with Kathryn Tucker and Tracey Rich
January 24 - 26, 2020

In the beautiful sanctuary of White Lotus, Kathryn, along with Tracey will share asana, breathwork, poetry and meditation, leading participants in a mindful journey to create a contemplative frame of mind from which we will explore our hopes for the final bit of our own journey and understand how to plan to make that hope a reality.