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the fabulous plant-based phenom

The first person to turn me onto aquafaba was an incredible chef with a tiny vegan restaurant in Ventura. I reached out to her shortly after I discovered her restaurant had closed, with my heart laying heavy on my chest (from sadness--not indigestion). I had discovered her tiny spot near the beach only a year earlier with it's amazing pistachio mint shakes, killer burgers--long before the new bio burger hit the scene, pad thai, tostados, soups that made your cells dance and salads brimming with vitality. She had tons of tantalizing offerings on her menu and colorful, hand painted graphics of om's and Sanskrit words etched all over the ceiling and walls. It was a boho throwback, and Ganga and I loved everything about it!

One day this fab chef came calling on us at White Lotus bearing gifts. She brought rose water meringues, plant-based butter, all kinds of cool things that wowed the tastebuds. I can't really say that I was a major meringue fan, but what she had created truly blew my mind. How did a plant-based, planet crusader come up with a vegan meringue? Aquafaba, she confided trying to allay my perplexed expression. And now, I see aquafaba everywhere...on fancy drink menus, in plant-based mayos, as the secret ingredient in all kinds of baking.

Oh, and for the yet initiated, aquafaba is...

What are you doing July 4th weekend


The Yoga of Music, Sound and Vibration

July 5-7, 2019
with Sven Holcomb

Get your yOM on this July 4th weekend. Let us immerse you in the sacred sanctuary of White Lotus in a celebratory weekend of yoga, music, sound, and vibration while we nurture you with exquisite, gourmet, plant-based meals and more.

Join with musician, yogi, sound recording engineer, and UCSB professor, Sven Holcomb in experiencing creativity, harmony, community and good vibrations. We promise you will leave elevated and in a higher resonance. yOM, yOM, y'all!

Announcing, soon to be released
M u l t i D i m e n s i o n a l  Yoga-
Odyssey of a Psychedelic Yogi

by Ganga White

Sitting on a friend's couch in Hollywood in 1966, when Ganga was 20 years old, he was introduced to LSD while listening to Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky. This immense experience set the course of his life. Recently, in class, he was asked what he got out of that experience and he replied, "Everything you see. And, everything I see." MultiDimensional Yoga is a story of spiritual inquiry and the exploration of consciousness; it will be released as an eBook with over 150 photos taken by Ganga along the journey and includes stories of the many great luminaries he met along the way.

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Deepening Your Practice Begins this Weekend with Ganga and Tracey
July 22-28, 2019

Stay Tuned for Labor Day Weekend Retreat with Tracey and Ganga
August 30 - September 2 ,2019