Summer music and Yoga, Ganga's chakra meditation, plus gorgeous green recipe
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Chakra Meditation
Yoga of Music, Sound, and Vibration
From the White Lotus Kitchen
Memorial Day
Deepening Your Practice


from Ganga's forthcoming book...

Chakra Meditation

by Ganga White

The chakras are not a ladder you climb up or awaken step by step, rather we find it possible to give attention to all these levels at once or in any combination. 

Meditate on the earth
On which we live
Who is home and mother
Ground and root of our being
The foundation of manifestation of our energy

Meditate on waters
Flowing with rains, rivers, oceans, lakes
The formless and shaped by structure
Water, form filling and formless

Express gratitude for fire which powers our lives...

Our newest offering...

Yoga of Music, Sound, and Vibration

July 5-7, 2019
with Sven Holcomb

Join us in a celebratory weekend of yoga, music, sound, and vibration with musician, yogi, sound recording engineer, and UCSB professor, Sven Holcomb. Let us immerse you in the sacred sanctuary of White Lotus and nurture you with exquisite, gourmet, plant-based meals in a weekend filled with harmony, community, and good vibrations. 

Enjoy daily asana and pranayama classes mixed with live sound. Learn how to attune to the natural rhythms in your breath, in your heart beat, and within your life cycles. Gather for group sonic meditations and ceremony with vocal and percussion based harmonics, and move to a special evening musical performance with Sven and guests. 

Get your music, meditation, and vibrational fix in a weekend resonating with the beauty of nature. We promise you will leave elevated and in a higher resonance. 

Sven's talents are so multi-faceted. A gifted teacher, a skilled musician, a valued White Lotus community member, the list goes on... If anyone has the gift of good vibrations, it's Sven.

--Ganga and Tracey   

From the White Lotus Kitchen

Gorgeous Green One-Pot Pasta

Spring is in full swing in beautiful Santa Barbara. Just one stroll through our Center entry and you drift headily on the scent of apricot, orange, jasmine, rose and pittosporum blossoms. The garden is planted. The birds are signaling new life with their song. The body is saying YES to all things vibrant, green, and nourishing. We are so ready to share our blessings and our bounty with you in another plant-based, delicious, powerful dish from White Lotus chef, Tamara Everett.

The aromas beckon first and call you to gather around the beautifully laid buffet at every retreat meal. Your mouth begins to water. Your eyes feast upon color. And your mind starts churning out the question, how do I make this dish?

Query no more. Enjoy some of the best spring has to offer in this delicious one-pot pasta that is rich with green...not for envy... but with veggies from the earth and the knowledge you too can make this!

Join us this weekend!

Memorial Day Retreat

May 24-27, 2019
with Ganga and Tracey

How many long weekends are coming your way? Spend your precious time in the timeless space of Yoga with White Lotus in the beauty of nature and get nurtured.

Make this one of your best weekends EVER! Taking care is not indulging. And even if it is... aren't you worth it? Space available. All levels welcome.

Stay Tuned for...

Deepening Your Practice

June 22-28, 2019
with Ganga White and Tracey Rich

Time to jump into the deep end with like minded community, yoga family, teachers and friends. Join us in living the practice. A week of sitting, pranayama, asana, council, meditation, satsang, vicharya. Step through the door to your deeper self.

Deepening Your Practice is continuing education open to teachers, graduates, and Yoga practitioners with at least 3 years of regular practice. Many yogis make this an annual event to keep their Yoga evolving.

Dive deep into the well of White Lotus Yoga and emerge replenished!