Best weekend EVER, Nectar of the Gods, and a sneak peak from Ganga's upcoming book.
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An Insight from Ganga's book in progress...

Inner Attention

by Ganga White

Keeping your attention directed within your body during yoga practice, and learning to become aware of and able to subtlety articulate joints, nerves, tendons, and muscles is an invaluable and useful tool to keep the mortal coil, as the body has been called, working in high efficiency and well being.

Conversely, learning to...

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Memorial Day Retreat

May 24-27, 2019
with Ganga and Tracey

How many long weekends are coming your way? Spend your precious time in the timeless space of Yoga with White Lotus in the beauty of nature and get nurtured.

Twice daily asana classes, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, and practical tools to make Yoga a part of your daily life. Hike our old growth forest trails, swim in natural sandstone pools, get massage with world-class bodyworkers and eat gourmet plant-based killer cuisine.

Make this one of your best weekends EVER! Taking care is not indulging. And even if it is... aren't you worth it? Space available. All levels welcome.

From the White Lotus Kitchen

Mango Lassi

This recipe is so easy and out of this world delicious you won't believe you haven't been making it every week of your life. Lassi is a yogurt based classical Indian drink that should be called Nectar of the Gods and Goddesses. At least this quick and simple mango recipe takes the title.

These days there are so many variations of yogurt available that you can make a dairy or plant-based version. Probiotic goodness all the way to the celestial realms. Om Shanti.