Look inside for tips to longevity, plus a new recipe from the White Lotus Kitchen
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Get in the Zone

by Tracey Rich

Longevity holds a fascination for people and is revered in many cultures. A long, quality life is an aspect of living that science and medicine regularly investigate. For others, longevity is a mystery to be explored and unraveled as if it may hold the secret to the universe or the meaning of life.

Some investigators say longevity is in a culture's diet. Some researchers say it is in a community's lifestyle. And still other people argue that longevity is simply a result of an individual's genetics.

Our friend, Dan Buettner creator of the Blue Zones, has discovered the five places in the world where people live the longest and are the healthiest. He actually does share the secrets of life by giving us...

Memorial Day Retreat

Memorial Day Retreat

May 24-27, 2019
with Tracey Rich and Ganga White

Our annual beginning of Summer retreat. Come Yoga with us!

Treat yourself to fabulous gourmet plant-based meals, meet great people, and immerse yourself in creative, moving meditation classes in the timeless fullness that is Yoga. Recharge with asana and pranayama, learn yoga philosophy, and embody the practical tools to make yoga a part of your daily life.

Enjoy world-class bodywork, hike old growth forest trails, swim in our natural sandstone pools or meditate by the waterfall. Why not start your Summer on a high note!

This annual event fills quickly. All levels welcome.


Thirty-six years ago when we started using the word vinyasa in our Yoga Journal ads it was terribly risky business. No one thought an unusual Sanskrit word would necessarily be welcoming to people, and certainly no one could imagine it would become the household word it is today. My god, the word yoga itself was still weird to many people in the 1980's when Yoga was well past its third incarnation in the West by then. Who could imagine how shockingly limited our exposure was culturally? Today, I give you not only the word, but a fabulous recipe, for the nut and spice blend, dukkah.

This pungent blend originates from Arabic culture and the word means "to pound" as it was likely made with a mortar and pestle. As far away from our norm as it comes from, dukkah is already being uniquely crafted in the West with riffs on the original recipe that leans heavily on hazelnuts, sesame, and cumin with substitutions like pistachios, pine nuts, almonds, or even pumpkin seeds. This crunchy mixture makes a wonderful addition for...

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Thai Yoga Weekend

April 26-28, 2019
with Phoebe Diftler

Join White Lotus and the artful Phoebe Diftler for a nurturing and transformational weekend. Rock your mind into that gentle lull of pampered perfection as you have your body rolled into luxurious shapes of yogic bliss. Learn to give or simply enjoy receiving Thai Massage, the beautiful and complementary sister art of Yoga. Asana classes, gourmet vegetarian meals, meditation, and plenty of R&R await you.

Stay Tuned...

The Yoga of Music, Sound, and Vibration

July 5-7, 2019
with Sven Holcomb

Come join us in a celebratory weekend of yoga, music, sound, and vibration with musician, yogi, sound recording engineer, and UCSB professor, Sven Holcomb. Let us immerse you in the sacred sanctuary of White Lotus and nurture you with exquisite, gourmet, plant-based meals in a weekend filled with harmony, community, and good vibrations.  We promise you will leave elevated and in a higher resonance.