Hacking the Brain in the 21st century - what are you giving your attention to these days and how completely?
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Your Attention Please

Your Attention Please
Hacking the Brain

by Tracey Rich

Clearly, we've asked for your attention. It takes your time and focus to read this article. It takes your interest in order to open this newsletter, study a topic, or have a real communication. So, what are you giving your attention to these days, and how completely? Have you actually, consciously, followed the multitude of places your mind travels to when you open your iphone and tablet? Or do you unconsciously let your fingers do the walking falling down the rabbit hole of infinite minutiae?

If your interest runs towards consciousness, check out the book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, by historian, Yuval Harari. In his book, Yuval, who also invests his time in meditation, explores some of the big concepts of our current moment in history. You might also appreciate listening to the talk Yuval gave at Google earlier this year on his book and the areas of tech and ethics, or listen to any of his many YouTube talks.

In a time of general overwhelm when every millisecond something is vying for your attention--and everything about you is becoming...

Deepening Your Practice

Deepening Your Practice
Continuing Education and Advanced Training
for Experienced Students and Teachers

June 22nd - 28th
with Tracey Rich and Ganga White

Namaste! It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us for a very special week, Deepening Your Practice. This event will be a comprehensive practice and learning experience designed to move your yoga and your insight into Yoga to new levels. It is a continuing education and training for teachers and experienced students with a focused practice as well as a time of ceremony and personal rejuvenation.

  • IsoYoga® Over 30 new dynamic torque & counter torque, rotation & counter rotation, sequences you will learn to practice and teach.
  • Flow Yoga–the dance of control and surrender
  • Advanced teaching techniques
  • 3D Yoga®—Multi-dimensional, Multi-disciplinary, Multi-dynamic Yoga
  • Dynamic Flow Opposition Yoga
  • Combining strength and flexibility within poses
  • Bang for the buck—getting more benefit in less time.
  • Dynamic Directional Dancing
  • Using seven classes of asana
  • Protecting and healing your joints
  • Sequencing
  • Creative Use of Sun Salutations
  • Working with subtle energies
  • Potentiating your practice with internal levers and locks
Breath is life. It is our constant reminder of and connection to life force. There are five levels of pranayama, 1. Learning to use the respiratory structure 2. Strengthening and toning it. 3. Using breath to recharge, and restore 4. Using breath to change mental, emotional states 5. Using breath to enter altered states.
Instruction will include:
  • Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Alternate Bhastrika
  • Kundalini Bhastrika, Siva Pranayama, Anuloma Viloma
  • Teaching pranayama
Meditation can be a practice for stilling the mind and for concentration and focus. It can also be a quality of attention that is an awakening that pervades all of life. We will discuss meditation in a way that aims to free one from compulsory and regimented viewpoints that are often the norm.
  • Inquiry into meditation
  • Using sitting practices
  • Breath and meditation
  • Nature as the core of meditation
Shifting the Context of Yoga
Satsang (gathering), Upanishad (sitting together) and Vichara (inquiry). During our discussions and dialogues we will explore the inner philosophical roots of our Yoga practice. Philosophy means love of wisdom and it will be our goal to move from static beliefs to a living awareness that guides us in the moment. When one is freed from the burdens of the past, Yoga can become an effortless, joyous flow. Our goal will be sharing this inspiration.
  • Yoga as a dynamic process vs. a goal
  • Making sense out of conflicting claims, beliefs and systems
  • Shifting the context of Pain
  • Deprogramming the mind
  • Hints, tools and principles to transform your practice
  • Using inner and outer navigation systems
  • Getting past authoritarian Yoga systems
Other Topics
  • Developing workshops, courses, retreats and centers
  • Evolving your next step as a teacher
  • Yoga and Spirituality
  • Using Council to free the group voice

Stay Tuned For...

Thai Yoga Weekend

April 26th - 28th
with Phoebe Diftler

Join White Lotus and the artful Phoebe Diftler for a nurturing and transformational weekend. Rock your mind into that gentle lull of pampered perfection as you have your body rolled into luxurious shapes of yogic bliss. Learn to give or simply enjoy receiving Thai Massage, the beautiful and complementary sister art of Yoga. Asana classes, gourmet vegetarian meals, meditation, and plenty of R&R await you.