Learn to restore yourself with Yoga, warm-up with this spicy cocoa recipe
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Celebrating 50 Years of Yoga

Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving.
It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times.
Come, yet again, come, come. -- Rumi

This year, we would like to say more, with less.

In Gratitude. Wishing you a year of well being. Om Shanti.

Tracey, Ganga, and the White Lotus Family

Lotus Pose

Restorative Yoga Training, March 3-9 2018 with Phoebe Diftler

Restorative Yoga addresses the underlying systems and rhythms of the body nurturing greater well being. This skillful way of practice helps us return to a deeper state of relaxation.

Restorative Yoga with Phoebe DiftlerRestorative Yoga specializes in balancing stress and tension with deep relaxation. Using props, breathwork, passive engagement of muscle groups, and attuning to energy flow, the body is supported while gently opening into the poses.

Learn to take care of yourself and your students with this enriching system. Restorative Yoga is an invaluable aspect to the wholeness of any Yoga practice.

We invite you to join White Lotus and Phoebe Diftler for week of nurturing, radiant well being. This program is open to yoga students, teachers, and anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a week of Restorative Yoga.

Phoebe has been a beloved part of our White Lotus family for many years. She brings a positive, peaceful presence to her teaching along with great competence, joy, and understanding.
- Ganga White and Tracey Rich    

This training will provide the tools and understanding to address your own well being and  the skill sets to enrich your teaching. The program is open to yoga students, teachers, and anyone wanting to deeply relax, restore, and reset the underlying rhythms of the body-mind continuum. 

Instruction will include:

  • How to construct a Restorative Yoga class
  • How to focus on specific issues of the mind, body, and spirit
  • Theories of relaxation
  • Anatomy
  • Understanding the parasympathetic system and the art of deeper restoration
  • Adjustments
  • Use of props: blankets, bolsters, blocks, etc.
  • Benefits of Restorative Yoga
  • Restorative vinyasa
  • Restorative wall classes
  • Sequences for lower back, thoracic spine, stress, rejuvenation
  • Creating your own sequences
  • Adding breathing, meditation, and energy work into your Restorative class
  • The accoutrements: music, oils, etc.
  • Using Thai Yoga movements to add confidence to your hands-on adjustments
  • Using Thai Yoga to add diversity to one on one sessions

Explore to Restore

Stay Tuned For...

Sacred Breath--Pranayama Weekend
with Ganga White and Tracey Rich
February 15 - 17, 2019

Breathe through this holiday season by planning ahead.  There's nothing like knowing this beautiful weekend awaits you.  Deeply integrate a breathing practice into your life by immersing yourself in a weekend designed to inspire a lasting relationship with Pranayama. Your yoga practice begins with your breath! 

Wishing you a holiday full of gratitude from the many petals of the Lotus.


From the White Lotus Kitchen

Tamara's Warm Winter Spiced Cocoa

The holiday season calls for scent and spice, fires that warm, and times to gather in celebration and reflection. Nothing carries more of these notes than this creamy, hot elixir that warms you from the inside out on a chilly day and offers you the perfect excuse to curl up with a cup. This unconventional take on hot chocolate brings together quality ingredients that taste incredible with a drink that nourishes you. Relax, reflect, and enjoy!


Smile when you think of White Lotus


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White Lotus Calendar 2018
Sacred Breath -- Pranayama Retreat February 15 - 17, 2019
w/Ganga White and Tracey Rich
Restorative Yoga Training March 2 - 8, 2019
w/Phoebe Diftler
Thai Yoga Weekend April 26 - 28, 2019
w/Phoebe Diftler
Memorial Day Retreat May 24 - 27, 2019
w/ Tracey Rich and Ganga White
Labor Day Yoga Retreat August 30 - September 2, 2019
w/Tracey Rich and Ganga White

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