How gravity moves your practice: finding lightness and grace
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White Lotus Foundation
. Gravity: The Perpetual Presence in Your Practice
Yoga Teacher Training and Certification
Deepening Your Practice
Gravity: The Perpetual Presence in Your Practice
by Tracey Rich

There are things that seem obvious--things so obvious that we take them for granted, like oxygen and gravity. The beauty of Yoga is that it address the most sun imagebasic and simple aspects of living that when given attention are elevated to a high art, with the subtle becoming profound. This is Yoga.

Like all things that go unnoticed but are essential, so goes gravity in our practice. But when awareness is brought to bear on the gravitational field we move within, it changes everything. As our connection and understanding deepens in yoga practice, we are able to move into the realm of...

Two Transformational Journeys
Yoga Teacher Training

Tracey Rich & Ganga White,
Sven Holcomb and Kent Bond

June 23 - July 8, 2018
As Yoga speaks to you, eventually there comes that deep desire to give back, to share that which has so inspired and transformed your life that what overflows from you, in your own unique way, can be used to ignite that spark in others. We teach because we care, because we are excited and inspired, because our desire to open the door for others is an innate wish and a natural inclination. We teach to learn more about ourselves and because we feel ourselves being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what we truly love.

Let White Lotus take you on the journey to begin your mastery, gaining skills and receiving the tools to make teaching your life's artistry. We welcome you to join us on an unforgettable voyage of self-discovery where your knowledge may be challenged but your wisdom will be invoked. Come celebrate your love of Yoga, where in a collaborative environment your ability to "see" and to learn will deepen. Share an amazing sixteen days immersed in the meditation that is your life. We look forward to hosting those who have an excitement to explore, to laugh, to work in the positive pursuit of that which they love, refining their skills and unveiling the masterpiece to come. The White Lotus Yoga Teacher Training and Certification awaits you.

The June training is almost fully enrolled. You are welcome to be placed on our wait list for June once enrollment is at capacity. The next training is offered October 2018.
White Lotus Foundation

2500 San Marcos Pass
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

Deepening Your Practice

Continuing Education and
Advanced Training for Experienced
Students and Teachers

July 14 - 20, 2018

  • IsoYoga® Over 30 new dynamic torque & counter torque, rotation & counter rotation, sequences you will learn to practice and teach.
  • Flow Yoga–the dance of control and surrender
  • Advanced teaching techniques
  • 3D Yoga®—Multi-dimensional, Multi-disciplinary, Multi-dynamic Yoga
  • Dynamic Flow Opposition Yoga
  • Combining strength and flexibility within poses
  • Bang for the buck—getting more benefit in less time.
  • Dynamic Directional Dancing
  • Using seven classes of asana
  • Protecting and healing your joints
  • Sequencing
  • Creative Use of Sun Salutations
  • Working with subtle energies
  • Potentiating your practice with internal levers and locks
Breath is life. It is our constant reminder of and connection to life force. There are five levels of pranayama, 1. Learning to use the respiratory structure 2. Strengthening and toning it. 3. Using breath to recharge, and restore 4. Using breath to change mental, emotional states 5. Using breath to enter altered states.
Instruction will include:
  • Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Alternate Bhastrika
  • Kundalini Bhastrika, Siva Pranayama, Anuloma Viloma
  • Teaching pranayama
Meditation can be a practice for stilling the mind and for concentration and focus. It can also be a quality of attention that is an awakening that pervades all of life. We will discuss meditation in a way that aims to free one from compulsory and regimented viewpoints that are often the norm.
  • Inquiry into meditation
  • Using sitting practices
  • Breath and meditation
  • Nature as the core of meditation
Shifting the Context of Yoga
Satsang (gathering), Upanishad (sitting together) and Vichara (inquiry). During our discussions and dialogues we will explore the inner philosophical roots of our Yoga practice. Philosophy means love of wisdom and it will be our goal to move from static beliefs to a living awareness that guides us in the moment. When one is freed from the burdens of the past, Yoga can become an effortless, joyous flow. Our goal will be sharing this inspiration.
  • Yoga as a dynamic process vs. a goal
  • Making sense out of conflicting claims, beliefs and systems
  • Shifting the context of Pain
  • Deprogramming the mind
  • Hints, tools and principles to transform your practice
  • Using inner and outer navigation systems
  • Getting past authoritarian Yoga systems
Other Topics
  • Developing workshops, courses, retreats and centers
  • Evolving your next step as a teacher
  • Yoga and Spirituality
  • Using Council to free the group voice
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