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Range of Motion: Respecting Your Joints
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A New Year in Yoga

Range of Motion: Respecting Your Joints
by Tracey Rich

We tend to think full range of motion is a given--until we no longer have it. Once our range of motion is impaired that is typically when we begin to pay attention. Range of motion lies with the joints, and the beauty of a balanced Yoga practice is that it can bring our awareness to how we use these often overlooked and undervalued parts of our body. Are you guilty of misusing and not respecting your joints in your Yoga practice?

Whether its the spine, the knees, the shoulders, hips or wrists, we would like to have the full range of motion that healthy, well respected joints offer. Living an active life can naturally create diminished joints due to the arthritis that arises from being in an active body. This is an ordinary part of aging and is to be expected. But the wearing out of our body parts from reckless, inattentive practice, and the tearing of related tendons and ligaments from an aggressive, pushy, or an ill aligned practice is something that can be avoided.

If you can't walk, if you can't bend or reach for things, if you can't move your head freely when you drive, then your life becomes limited. If you can't sit comfortably, or sit up straight at your desk, your enjoyment, and possibly your livelihood, becomes impaired.

Here are a few pointers on how to pay attention in your practice in hopes of respecting your joints and preserving your range of motion...

Pranayama Sacred Breath Sacred Breath Pranayama Retreat February 16-18

We invite you to join us for our annual Sacred Breath Pranayama Retreat. A weekend of asana and pranayama in our meditative setting designed to help you begin or deepen your understanding and practice of this beautiful breath work. Yoga classes will be guided to support pranayama practice and pranayama will be made accessible to all. Enjoy our legendary gourmet meals and massage as you invigorate your life force.

Please be our guest February 16-18, 2018 at our exquisite retreat heaven.

Pranayama Sacred Breath

Just a Reminder

Restorative Yoga Training
with Phoebe Diftler
March 3-9, 2018

We invite you to join White Lotus and Phoebe Diftler for week of nurturing, radiant well being. Learn to take care of yourself and your students with this enriching system. Restorative Yoga adds an invaluable aspect to the wholeness of any Yoga practice.  

This program is open to yoga students, teachers, and anyone wanting to immerse themselves in a week of Restorative Yoga.

This training can be credited towards your 300 hour Yoga Alliance certificate.


Plan Your Year in Yoga

Please join us, often!

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