A Poem by Tracey Rich

Prayer for Peace
A Meditation

sit in your room
don't go beyond the confines of your self
sit with every rage and disappointment
every unmet desire
unwrap the layers of your powerless cries
sit with every wish that never came true
every insult
every time you felt shame
sit in the pools of fear disguised as hate
strip away every defense
all the blame
the impulses to lash out--
and then,
begin your prayer for peace.

if you can not see all of humanity in the one
who sits solitary in that room
then start your prayer for peace,

--Tracey Rich

These thoughts and words came after the recent repetitions of senseless violence perpetrated across the country. While far from uncommon, these occurrences are increasing. There is great suffering and dis-ease. These acts stun our minds and break our hearts every single time, The hope is, that as we see ourselves more clearly, we may see our way clear.