Checking in.............

Dear Friends of the Lotus,

Our hearts go out to you in these very uncertain times. We wanted you to know we are thinking of you. Our hope is that you're as well as you can possibly be on every level, when each day brings a new potential challenge.

Ganga, Mazie and I are taking one day at a time. With the help of our Lotus family, we are taking care of the land and the Center's needs which feels like a blessing. We are cooking both routinely and getting creative. In honor of Italy, I made a panzanella salad the other day, but with great artistic license which I hope the Italians would applaud, using items whose time had come to be eaten. A delicious old olive bread was turned into croutons. Beautiful beets from a pre-lockdown shopping took the place of traditional tomatoes and cucumbers. Fresh mint from the garden was thrown into the mix and even oregano oil for good anti-viral protection. I added dill, yellow bell peppers, pistachios, olive oil, salt, pepper, and a balsamic glaze made from both white and aged balsamic. Blessings to the Mother of Invention.

Ganga continues to work on his upcoming book which this moment of Zen contributes to nicely. We are trying to be diligent in our preventative routines with low sugar intake, imbibing vitamins D and C, and taking the mineral zinc. Our yoga is walking the land and breathing, and my particular superpower, as Ganga likes to call it, is aerobic housekeeping.

There is a beauty to the Zen of meeting each day as it presents its needs. Being prepared takes some forward thinking but one could easily let life get too far ahead of them in their mind and that usually doesn't serve the nervous system. While we choose to stay educated and informed there is the need for balance. Silence has a golden lining. And thankfully, the world community is offering many creative ways to stay engaged.

We hope you will be well.

A single candle flame can be your fire ceremony. A single bell can be your call to the temple of presence. A single breath can connect us to each other and humanity. A single word can change or calm your mind.

In peace. Om Shanti


Tracey, Ganga, Mazie and our entire White Lotus family

What we are--

Making: Miso soup with ginger and herbs, white bean soup, black bean soup, kitchari, savory bread pudding with greens, tempeh burgers topped with pepperoncini and sauerkraut, pasta, scrambled eggs with tortillas and salsa, chai with warming herbs, hibiscus punch

Taking: 5000 vit D-3, 2000+ vit C, zinc, astragalus, oil of oregano, Emergen-C, green tea

Watching: Ken Burns Country Music. Ken Burns and PBS are offering his 1994 doc on Baseball to be streamed for free and anything Ken Burns is amazing. My Brilliant Friend series on Amazon, Yuval Harari talks on youtube, the live cam at, Schitt's Creek

Reading: Educated, Sapiens, tons of medical articles, Democracy in Chains, Brief Answers to the Big Questions, anything Krishnamurti

PS. Our office is on limited hours. We will return emails and phone calls as quickly as possible.